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Audio Drama - David Annandale

The Binary Succession

Audio Drama : 75 min
Even as the Imperium faces the renegade Legions of the Warmaster, the ruling Council of Terra is becoming paralysed from within by increasingly petty bureaucracy. Fabricator General Kane has seen his fellow Mechanicum adepts dismissed again and again by the High Lords – with his traitorous predecessor Kelbor-Hal still at large on the Red Planet, the political status of the tech-priesthood remains ambiguous. New alliances must be forged from the old, if Mars and Terra are to survive the final battle.

Iron Corpses

Audio Drama : 39 min
The ravaged world of Tallarn plays host to the greatest armoured conflict in the history of mankind. The bitter and vengeful Iron Warriors led entire divisions of tanks and war machines across the befouled plains, until the macro-transporter Eagle’s Talon plunged to the surface and ended a million lives in a heartbeat. Stranded upon some unnamed, toxic battlefield that now resembles nothing more than a graveyard of Titans, Warsmith Koparnos knows that he has precious little time left – will he find salvation amidst the dead god-machines, or quickly succumb to violent madness?

Il est difficile de faire suite à un excellent et dynamique radio play avec un audio drama ne mettant en scène qu'un seul personnage. Bien que je comprenne le contexte de cet audio drama, un format nouvelle aurait probablement était plus approprié.

Veritas Ferrum

Audio Drama : 10 min
The Iron Hands warship Veritas Ferrum arrives in the Isstvan system in the second wave of Imperial forces. Battered by the foes and forced to retreat, the crew must make a difficult choice when survivors of the massacre ask for aid.

Le meilleur était pour la fin. Cet Audio est parfait pour vous entraîner à l'anglais. Son histoire est facile à comprendre et les personnages vous feront vivre leurs tentions et leurs idéaux. A écouter.