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Novellas - L'Hérésie d'Horus

The Crimson Fist

Stone and Iron
Becalmed in the backwater Phall system, the Imperial Fists’ relief fleet originally headed for Isstvan III has been waiting out the warp storms that waylaid them so many months ago. Under the assumed command of Captain Alexis Polux and seemingly forgotten by the rest of the Imperium, they hope yet to complete their mission and report back to their primarch Rogal Dorn, so that they might return to the greater conflict. But destiny calls as old rivalries are rekindled, and the treacherous Iron Warriors await their moment to strike – the feud between Dorn and his wayward brother Perturabo prom...

Excellente introduction aux évènements relatant les Imperial Fists durant l'Hérésie d'Horus. Leur détresse est vraiment bien rendu et les doutes s'abattent sur tout le monde sans distinction. Néanmoins l'auteur a mis en place une trame que nous avons hâte de poursuivre tant el...

Prince of Crows

In Midnight Clad
The Thramas Crusade draws to its inevitable conclusion, with the forces of the Dark Angels and the Night Lords locked in a struggle that neither side can bring themselves to abandon. The Night Haunter lies comatose after being mauled by his primarch brother Lion El’Jonson, and in his absence it falls to First Captain Sevatar and the remaining members of the Kyroptera to command the Legion. But the self-styled ‘Prince of Crows’ has his own plans to save the VIII Legion from annihilation – plans he intends to follow, with or without his comrades in tow.

Portrait de Sevatar mais aussi vision parfaitement cohérente de la 8ème légion, Prince of Crows risque de vous faire aimer les Night Lords si ce n'est pas déjà le cas. A lire absolument !


Freedom bought with blood
As the Horus Heresy continues, Corax and the remnants of his once mighty Legion now wage an entirely different kind of war – liberating worlds oppressed by traitor forces, they gather more and more followers, disrupting the Warmaster’s influence wherever they can. But after an unexpected reunion with a fellow survivor of Isstvan V, the Raven Guard learn of the prison colony of Carandiru and realise that they must face the ghosts of their past on Deliverance if they are to prevail.

Gav Thorpe inscrit parfaitement Ravenlord dans la saga et rend cette histoire indispensable pour la compréhension du rôle qu'a joué la Raven Guard durant l'Hérésie d'Horus.

Tallarn : Executioner

The battle begins
As one of the Imperium's many staging grounds for the forces serving in the Great Crusade, the verdant world of Tallarn has long served as a transfer point for vast numbers of military personnel and their war machines. Now, destroyed by a deadly virus-bomb attack launched by the battered Iron Warriors fleet, the entire world is reduced to a toxic wasteland where the survivors must fight to defend what little remains of their home. The remnants of the once mighty Jurnian 701st armoured regiment emerge from their underground shelters, and the opening movements of the Battle of Tallarn begin.

John French est très convainquant lorsqu’il s’agit de confronter de simples hommes manœuvrant des tanks, à des forces qui les dépassent. Un prologue qui augure du meilleur et tient ses promesses haut la main.

Scorched Earth

From the Ashes of Isstvan
Nearly a quarter of a million loyal Space Marines lost their lives on Isstvan V – the Dropsite Massacre lasted only a few hours, and yet the Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders were slaughtered by those they had once called kin. With the disappearance of their primarch weighing heavily upon their hearts, Ra'stan and Usabius of the XVIIIth Legion leave behind their fellow survivors and strike out into the Urgall Depression. Their mission: to find what, if anything, remains of mighty Vulkan.

Excellente histoire, parfaitement maîtrisée sur bien des points. Bien que dispensable à la Saga de l'Hérésie d'Horus, c'est un must-read.

Brotherhood of the Storm

The Khan rides to war
As word of Horus's treachery spreads to fully half of the Legiones Astartes, Terra looks to the remaining loyalist Space Marines to defend the Imperium. One group, however, remains curiously silent in spite of apparent efforts from both sides to contact them — the noble Vth Legion, Jaghatai Khan's fearsome White Scars. In the ork-held territory of Chondax, a bitter war has been raging since the Triumph at Ullanor, and only now do the sons of Chogoris return their gaze to the heavens.

Cette histoire bien dispensable ne fait pas avancer la saga, mais vous attirera chez le Khan de façon discrète et efficace. Une courte mais bonne lecture pour une légion méconnue mais très intéressante.


The eyes stares back
The Eyes stares Back.

Aurelian est ce qu’il manquait au Premier Hérétique et dieu sait qu’il ne manquait pas grand-chose. Cette nouvelle est pour moi indispensable pour comprendre Lorgar et ses choix futurs. On regrettera bien évidemment la rareté de l’ouvrage sur le net et sa totale inexistence sur le marché français.

Promethean Sun

Into the fires of war
As the Great Crusade sweeps across the galaxy, the forces of the Imperium encounter a world held in thrall by the alien eldar. While the Iron Hands of Ferrus Manus and Mortarion’s Death Guard battle against the hated xenos, it is the Salamanders who brave the deepest and most deadly jungles, encountering monstrous reptilian beasts and foul witchery along the way. Ultimately, it falls to their primarch Vulkan himself to thwart the sinister designs of the eldar, if the Legions are to liberate this world and bring illumination to its inhabitants.

Cette nouvelle est bonne et c’est normal car tout était à faire sur le fils de Nocturne. Tout fan de Vulkan doit/devra la lire. On attend avec impatience un roman à part entière sur la XVIII Légion dans l’Hérésie d’Horus. Promethean Sun est une mise en bouche pour quelque chose de bien plus grand…