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Audio Drama - George Mann

Labyrinth of Sorrow

Audio Drama : 75min
As war spreads across the sector, Imperial and Chaos forces clash on the mortuary world of Kasharat. Far from the front lines, Space Marines of the Brazen Minotaurs infiltrate an ancient temple-tomb, seeking an artefact sacred to their Chapter... one that could turn the tide of battle in the Imperium’s favour. But they are not the first to enter the tomb – as the Space Marines race to seize their prize, they are watched from the shadows. Are the mysterious Raven Guard there to help the Brazen Minotaurs, or to destroy them?.

George Mann ne va certainement pas bouleverser nos habitudes avec cet audio, mais il vous fera passer un très bon moment avec Labyrinth of Sorrow. Surement l’un des meilleurs moyen de découvrir les plaisirs de l’audio.