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Nouvelles - Chris Wraight

The Last Son of Prospero

Only the Sigillite can save Revuel Arvida's Body, and only his Primarch can save his soul
The Thousand Sons sorcerer Revuel Arvida guided his White Scars kinsmen through all the horrors of the ruinstorm, even though the psychic exertion almost killed him. Now on Terra, he clings to life by the merest thread, his body ravaged by the curse of his Legion — the insidious flesh-change. The primarch Jaghatai Khan demands that Arvida be saved, no matter the cost. But even if such a thing were possible, what would remain of his mind and soul?


After the Second Battle of Prospero, the White Scars carry a lone sorcerer with them – Revuel Arvida, only survivor of the Wolf King’s wrath. Guided by the Stormseer Yesugei, he recovers his esoteric powers, as well as reliving memories of a world turned to ashes. But the sons of Chogoris are wounded too, riven by the treachery that almost destroyed them. As the Khan delivers his painful judgement on those of his warriors who swore the fateful blood oath, Arvida too must decide where his true allegiance lies – to those who saved him from oblivion, or to the lost legacy of his own primarch.


Even within the dread annals of the Horus Heresy, few events have provoked as much horror as the dropsite massacre on Isstvan V, when the Space Marines turned on their brothers in an orgy of slaughter. The Legions were torn apart, the civil war spiralling outwards to all corners of the Imperium, shattering the trust that once bound them together. Along with a handful of other renegade Death Guard legionaries, ex-Deathshroud Terminator Sergeant Khorak has begun to raid the fringes of the Imperium — until they are cornered by mysterious warriors in crudely painted black armour, l...

Brotherhood of the Moon

In the aftermath of the rebellion within his Legion, Jaghatai Khan ordered the trials of his wayward sons to determine whether or not they would atone. The proud Terran legionary Torghun Khan now stands before his accusers, and must account for the events that could have led him into outright heresy.

Une nouvelle qui tente maladroitement de nous rappeler la présence de la loge au sein des White Scars. Malheureusement, on ne ressent pas suffisamment les enjeux pour se sentir un tant soit peu concerné. Dommage.


Chagrined by his defeat at the hands of Jaghatai Khan, Mortarion abandons the pursuit of the White Scars and instead leads the Death Guard in a spiteful, punitive rampage across the systems of the Prosperine empire. World after world has fallen to this horrific onslaught, and yet the insular and secretive primarch seems preoccupied by some other, unspoken goal. Finally, on Terathalion, the truth of Mortarion’s sinister heritage will be exposed, and the future of the XIV Legion will be written.

Avec Daemonology, nous sommes au top départ de la prochaine et inévitable chute du primarque Mortarion ainsi que de la Death Guard. La nouvelle se divise très bien en deux époques et le récit épique, bien que fugace, en fait une sublime introduction à un prochain tome centré sur la XIVème.


The space hulk Sorrows of the Just threatens the Lophax system, and the warriors of the Space Wolves respond. Wolf Guard Gunnlaugr and his pack deploy to battle the alien monstrosities lurking in the vessel’s heart. As they close on the leader of the xenos, a terrifying genestealer broodlord, Gunnlaugr remembers events long ago on Fenris as he fought another vicious predator of a very different kind…

Hunt Sense est comme toutes les productions similaires, ce n'est pas un immanquable mais elle ajoute un peu plus de background à un personnage que l'on retrouve toujours avec autant de plaisir. On ne va pas s'en priver.


The soldiers of the Astra Militarum struggle to establish a beachhead against an overwhelming force of orks on the war-torn world of Armageddon. Outnumbered and outmatched, victory looks unlikely, until a single warrior arrives, a Lone Wolf, last survivor of his pack and a mighty hero whose actions may just turn the tide in the Imperium’s favour.

Unbroken réussit en une vingtaine de pages à nous remplir de courage (ou de folie) pour aller foncer sur les terres dévastées d'Armageddon contre une marée de peaux-vertes. Un pur récit de Space Marine, et plus particulièrement de Space Wolf à se raconter au coin du feu avec sa meute.


When the mining installation of Valmar’s Gorge comes under attack, it seems like the end of the world for Kaivon and his fellow workers. After all, the alien raiders who now plague them have wiped so many other installations from the face of the Imperium… But then hope is renewed in the form of Onyx Squad of the Deathwatch. For Ingvar of the Space Wolves, in service to the Ordo Xenos, the mission is a chance to bring death to enemies of the Allfather. But when the situation deteriorates, Ingvar and his comrades may be forced to make a decision that will haunt them all.

En écrivant le passé dans la Deathwatch de notre héros Ingvar, Chris Wraight surprend tout autant qu'il complète son personnage d'une expérience qui le marquera probablement à tout jamais.


As Inquisitor Damietta of the Ordo Malleus interrogates the survivor of a doomed attack on the daemon world of Voidsoul, she realises that a deeper mystery lies behind the events that occurred there. Defying her master’s commands, she delves into Sergeant Morbach’s account and discovers a shocking secret about the nature of the Space Wolves Chapter of the Space Marines, a secret that will change Damietta forever.

Chris Wraight n'en finit pas d'étoffer le portrait qu'il dresse des Space Wolves et ce à travers le regard d'un homme ayant pu témoigner de leur instabilité. Les Wulfen sont une menace qu'il ne faut pas sous-estimer.


The Space Wolves forge new sagas as they hunt a monstrous beast of the oceans and battle the alien menace of the tyranids in a brand new tale by the author of Battle of the Fang.

Kraken est une nouvelle surprenante car avec peu de personnages, Chris Wraight arrive à apporter pas mal de subtilités à l’action. Fan de Space Wolf, faites-vous plaisir !