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L'Hérésie d'Horus

The Laurel of Defiance

The horrors of the Shadow Crusade are over – the Word Bearers and their World Eaters allies have been driven back, and peace restored to Ultramar. But a new danger has arisen – a political one, as Primarch Guilliman and his brothers have declared themselves rulers of a new Imperium. Lucretius Corvo, Ultramarines captain and survivor of many battles, is unsure. But he is to be honoured by the primarchs with the Laurel of Defiance for his heroism, and it would be foolish to voice his doubts in such a time….


Shunned by the rest of the Legions after the destruction of their home world, the Night Lords have fought without their disgraced primarch Konrad Curze for many years. But now the self-proclaimed ‘Night Haunter’ has returned and will lead them to the backwater world of Isstvan V, where a great treachery is unfolding, and the grim legionaries of First Claw will soon be forced to embrace their dark destiny.

The Harrowing

The garrison world of Callistra Mundi is threatened by traitor forces – none other than the insidious Alpha Legion. Like so many before it, this attack will not come as a traditional legionary assault, but as a Harrowing. Operatives and turncoats are revealed within the Mechanicum ark freighter Omnissiax and her attendant battlegroup, and confusion will reign amongst the loyalist defenders. And only when none can tell friend from foe will the true destruction begin.


Mars, the Red Planet, home to the Mechanicum, a mysterious cult dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the universe. In this sequel to Cybernetica, a loyalist resistance – made up of rag-tag survivors from Titan crew, enginseers and tech-adepts – conducts guerrilla raids on the Dark Mechanicum forces of Kelbor-Hal. Out in the wastes, they discover a Kastelan robot that carries inside it a rare secret: a technology that has the power to break the stalemate and swing the war in the loyalists’ favour. But what is the cost of deploying such a power? The loyalists now face a hard decision – just ...


Even within the dread annals of the Horus Heresy, few events have provoked as much horror as the dropsite massacre on Isstvan V, when the Space Marines turned on their brothers in an orgy of slaughter. The Legions were torn apart, the civil war spiralling outwards to all corners of the Imperium, shattering the trust that once bound them together. Along with a handful of other renegade Death Guard legionaries, ex-Deathshroud Terminator Sergeant Khorak has begun to raid the fringes of the Imperium — until they are cornered by mysterious warriors in crudely painted black armour, l...

Prétoriens de Dorn

L'Alpha et l'Omega
L'Hérésie d'Horus a finalement atteint le système solaire. Les défenses de Rogal Dorn et de ses Imperial Fists tiendront-elle contre ces assauts ? Rappelés depuis la Grande Croisade d'Ullanor après avoir appris la trahison du Maitre de Guerre, Rogal Dorn et sa légion furent finalement appointés comme les gardiens de l'Empereur, travaillant à la fortification de Terra. Maintenant que le système solaire est attaqué pour la première fois depuis que la guerre a débutée, beaucoup des défenses des Imperial Fists sont mise à rude épreuve et s'avèrent inadéquates. Alors que tous les regards sont to...

Les Anges de Caliban

Empereur et esclaves
Les Dark Angels sont étalés sur cent systèmes, et le Primarch Lion El’Jonson tient lieu de Seigneur Protecteur d'Ultramar – bien que son vrai mobile demeure inconnu de presque tout le monde, et que les rivalités sur son monde d'origine menacent de déchirer la Légion en deux. Mais quand on apprend l'attaque des Night Lords sur Sotha, les actes brutaux du Lion poussent à nouveau l'Imperium Secundus au bord de la guerre civile. Même les terribles guerriers de la Dreadwing, ou les secrets occultes de l'Ordre, ne peuvent garantir la victoire s'il agit à l'encontre de ses fidèles.